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Timeless Lullaby
Romantic Interlude
Piano Images
Classics 1 - Timeless Lullaby Classics 2 - Romantic Interlude Classics 3 - Piano Images
Canadian Suite
Classics 4 - Canadian Suite Classics 5 - Fantasy Classics 6 - Sonata
Balarina Dance
Wonderland of Classics
Classics 7 - Ballerina Dance Classics 8 - Wonderland of Classics Classics 9 - Impromptu


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Candlelight Classics 1 - Timeless Lullaby

Best selling Classical/Romantic CD Album since its release in 1995. It features world renowned melodies - "Rhapsody on a Theme", Moonlight Sonata"," All I ask of You" - Phantom of the Opera, "Beauty and the Beast" and many other themes. Enjoy 'Timeless Lullaby' as beautiful background music to comfort your soul.

Music playing time is 1Hr & 14 mins.

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 2 - Romantic Interlude

A journey in music - Classics 2 - Romantic Interlude features all time romantic favorites such as "Somewhere in Time"," Fur Elise"-Beethoven," Angel of Music" - Phantom of the Opera, "Nocturne in E Flat" - Chopin," Wind Beneath my Wings" .  .  .  .  .

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 3 - Piano Images

Classics 3 features John's personal favorite, Mozart's "Concerto No. 20." Enjoy his romantic interpretation and arrangement of this time-honored classic. Also featured are music from Evita, "Don't cry for me Argentina," and the popular classical favorite, Pachelbel's "Canon in D."

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 4 - Canadian Suite

Canadian Suite is John's homage to his concert tour and time spent in Vancouver, British Columbia. His inspiration for the compositions "Canadian Suite" and "The Enchanted Forest" came from his visits to Stanley Park and English Bay.

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics Relaxation - Fantasy

'Fantasy' is a collection of John's original piano compositions. Enjoy listening to his delicate piano touch and his peaceful and relaxing melodies. His music will take your soul into flight and fantasy.

Playing time is 1 Hr and 14 Mins.

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 6 - Sonata

Candlelight Classics 6 features more of John Livingston's original piano pieces -"Children's Song", "Song of a Butterfly", "Sonata.' and "My Spirit is filled with Music." Also featured are - "Music Box Dancer", "Feather Theme" - Forrest Gump , "Part of your World" - The Little Mermaid , "Fernando", "Castle on a Cloud" - Les Miserables.

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 7 - Ballerina Dance

Enjoy the musical imagery of John's compositions "Ballerina Dance," "Piano Dreams" and "Ocean's Serenade" along with John's exquisite interpretation of "Clair de Lune," displaying his beautiful classical piano and orchestral arrangement.

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 8 - Wonderland of Classics

Candlelight Classics 8 is a reflection of John as a young child learning to play the piano. As he progressed, his repetoire included the musical selections featured in this CD Album. These beautiful melodies offered him sheer inspiration, which led him  to become the accomplished musician he is today.

$15.00 ea. Quantity

Candlelight Classics 9 - Impromptu

Featuring John Livingston’s classical music improvisational style and his newest original piano pieces. The musical content includes John’s beautiful orchestral background and piano solos. ENJOY 1 HR + 14 MINS OF JOHN’S EXQUISITE AND DELICATE PIANO STYLE

$15.00 ea. Quantity